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How to measure a kitchen for Cabinets

Whether youíre installing new cabinets or changing up your existing ones, itís important to get complete, accurate measurements to prevent unnecessary spacing issues.

Designing your dream kitchen or bath is more than just filling a room with cabinets and countertops.

Below you will find instructions in five steps on how to measure for your new kitchen cabinets project or let our professionals do what they do best.

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How to Measure Kitchen

Five steps when measuring kitchen for cabinets:

Step 1 : Make a grid to establish where the walls are located, as these are the only things that cannot be moved.

Step 2 : Establish the area where you are planning to work. This will help make everything much clearer to set up all home appliances and kitchen cabinets. Remember, to take all measurements in square feet as it will make things easier for the person who is receiving the information.

Step 3 : Measure all objects that need to be included on the grid for your kitchen, such as your refrigerator, dishwasher, countertops and/or stove. This step is very important for obtaining the kitchen remodel desired.

Step 4 : Measure from the floor to ceilling to determine ceiling height for Kitchen Cabinets

Step 5 : Finally, collect all the information and complete the following form, for your brand-new kitchen.

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